BiTA members are leading the effort to develop and embrace a common framework and standards from which transportation/logistics/supply chain/freight marketplace participants can build revolutionary blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) applications.

BiTAS Tracking Data Framework Profile

The purpose of the BiTAS Tracking Data Framework Profile is to define core data structure and links to other data structures required to answer the basic question – “Where is my Shipment?” The purpose is to provide adequate information to quickly determine the location of a shipment and to see how it is progressing through its planned route and operational processes until it reaches its final delivery destination. Shipment tracking is a very broad topic involving many processes, participants, systems, sensors and software applications. This Profile is primarily focused on Location tracking among participants within a transportation network. Other aspects of tracking may be covered in future releases.

The core data structures, TrackableEvent, TrackableEntity, EventParticipant, MeasureType, Dimension and Reference are introduced in this document. This Profile describes the data format, cardinality and relationship between these data structures. In addition, it defines how these core data structures reference Location, Shipment and Party data structures, which are being defined by other BiTAS work groups.